Linn Lorkin releases digitally remastered album - In The Land of Music

Linn Lorkin has released a digitally re-mastered CD of her 1986 album, In The Land of Music, accompanied by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra,.

Featuring Linn's compositions, and with a rhythm section comprising NZ luminaries Carl Doy, Frank Gibson Jr., Martin Winch and Billy Kristian and featuring soloists Brian Smith and Rodger Fox, this album could simply be viewed as a piece of NZ musical history, an interesting curiosity - but there are good reasons why the collection richly deserves a second outing.

For a start, there couldn't be a happier marriage of songs and arrangements. Lorkin's songs have strong melodic movement and sophisticated harmonic structures, ideally suited to orchestral backing. The best rhythm section in the land at the time anchors them well and Lorkin's vocal performances, mostly done in one take, are relaxed and strong. Then there's the perfect blend of the three female voices on backing vocals, the icing on the cake.
Her arranger, Englishman Alan Slater, arguably the best strings arranger to have ever worked in New Zealand, said at the time that "arranging her songs for orchestra was a delight as I just built on her own piano arrangements and took off from there."

Arthur Baysting had this to say about her lyrics : "She leaps squarely into her own experience with such clarity and honesty that the listener accepts it totally".

Listen to track 10, the circusey "The Beatles' New Album" which will transport you to London's swinging sxties when the regular appearance of a brand new Beatles' album was an eagerly anticipated event. Or #12 "Before I Knew the World" for an evocation of a little girl's happy childhood on a South Waikato dairy-farm. Or #8 the jazzy Me and the Magician, which describes the experience of walking down her block in NY behind a sexy magician whom she just saw performing in Central Park.

This album is a balm for the jaded. It's up-beat mood and sweet 80's sound could well appeal, on its second time around and in its new format, to a new audience that's up for something refreshingly different.

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