Linn Lorkin Feature Interview in Listener Magazine

Linn Lorkin is interviewed by Diana Wichtel in the New Zealand LISTENER - March 17-23 2007 Vol 207 No 3488.

Linn of Paua

by Diana Wichtel

Linn Lorkin's "singing, dancing redhead blast" comes to a town near you.

Linn Lorkin -- pianist, actress, songbird, once, briefly, a jailbird - is quite subdued in person. "I'm actually very shy. I'm one of those artists if someone rejects me over the phone I'll go, ‘Oh, okay, that's all right, sorry to have bothered you.'"

But when she opens her mouth to sing, she accelerates from diffident to diva in a beat. We're barely in the door of the creative, rented Grey Lynn chaos Lorkin calls home before she's giving us the reflex razzle dazzle...

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