"Family at The Beach" Voted NZ's Favourite Kiwi Summer Song

The people have voted -- Linn Lorkin's 'Family at the Beach' is New Zealanders' favourite kiwi summer song. Following four weeks and hundreds of nominations in National Radio's January Beach Ballad and Crib Chorale Contest, listeners placed 'Family at the Beach' number one. This beat out Slice of Heaven by miles -- no not Miles Davis, Dave Dobbyn!

The original 1985 recording of the song with the NZSO has been taken from its vinyl and included as the last track on Linn's new Kiwiana album which was released late last year and has immediately become a classic New Zealand album. It appeals to all ages from babies to the elderly and the reviewers like it too: "her new album shimmers with all things quaint and Kiwi" says one, "it's fantastic to hear someone singing about kauri, kereru, kawakawa and tui" writes another. "Told with the intimacy and joy of the natural songwriter who is on a perpetual journey and taking us all with her ... as fresh as the sea-breeze through the pohutukawa" is yet another comment, and "a wonderful summer party feel", "a delicious album" we've also read.

Now comes the opportunity to hear the fun, upbeat songs on the album delivered in person by the artiste at the piano 'CAUSE WE'RE TAKING THE SHOW ON THE ROAD! Yes ... a 22 date national tour through the auspices of Arts on Tour NZ which begins in Matamata on Tuesday 10 April, moves south as far as Riverton, returning to Rawene on Sat 5 May.

"She's also a startling mix of Kiwi reticence, New York chutzpah, Gallic sophistication and barefaced, indigenous kitsch." -- Diana Wichtel in The Listener

On tour, Linn will be accompanied by fellow Jews Brothers Band performer Herschel on accordion and vocals and back-up vocalist, along with Anna Rugis, who has an impeccable pedigree as back-up vocalist to George Harrison, Van Morrison, Cliff Richard, Cat Stevens and Cilla Black. Come to the show and hear Lorkin, Rugis and Hersch, the kiwi Gladys Knight and the Pips!

One of the main themes of the show is a nostalgia trip through New Zealand in the '50s, '60s AND '70s. We will be travelling around the country in a van with a custom built kitchen from which Herschel [that's me] will dispense perfectly formed lamingtons, ginger crunches and stuffed eggs. Hershal writes that he is particularly fond of lamingtons so there might not be any left by the time of each night's performance so better make sure you bring some with you. But if any of the ladies forget to bring their plate, he can make up the shortfall.

You can find out more details by contacting Steve Thomas at Arts On Tour, Christchurch -- aotnz@xtra.co.nz

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