Linn Lorkin - Hey, Piano Bar Lady! (RRCD1013)

Hey, Piano Bar Lady!

Featuring Linn Lorkin accompanying herself at the piano, here are the songs that spring from the stories in the live theatre show of the same title.  Hey, Piano Bar Lady! tells the tale of Linn's time in the Big Apple in the late '70s and '80s  as she sleeps on sofas, searches for true love and plays her "piano bar lady" way from rusty SoHo to ritzy   Park Avenue.  It features some wonderfully theatrical numbers in the Broadway/cabaret vein, some written white-hot at the time of the experience, others inspired by Linn's recent sojourn in New York.  It is not only an imcomparable souvenir for those who have seen the show but also an album that stands on its own as a great song-collection.

Note : some of these tracks were recorded live during a performance of the show at the legendary One 2 One Cafe in Ponsonby, Auckland.


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