Linn Lorkin - In The Land of Music (RRCD1012)

In The Land of Music

This is a digital remastering of the analog vinyl album released in 1986 in which Lorkin was accompanied by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra with a rhythm section comprising NZ luminaries Carl Doy, Frank Gibson Jr., Martin Winch and Billy Kristian and featuring Brian Smith and Rodger Fox. As such, this album could simply be viewed as a piece of NZ musical history, an interesting curiosity. But there are good reasons why the collection richly deserves a second outing.

For a start, there couldn't be a happier marriage of songs and arrangements. Lorkin's songs have strong melodic movement and sophisticated harmonic structures, ideally suited to orchestral backing. The best rhythm section in the land at the time anchors them well and Lorkin's vocal performances, mostly done in one take, are relaxed and strong. Then there's the perfect blend of the three female voices on backing vocals, the icing on the cake.


1. Before I Knew The World (fragment)
2. These Wings of Mine
3. Family at the Beach
4. I'd Rather Think of Pastel Shades
5. Ancient Pipes
6. Walking in a Green World
7. Ballad of the Late Bloomer
8. Me and the Magician
9. In the Land of Music
10. The Beatles' New Album
11. Gonna Put Down Some Roots This Time
12. Before I knew The World


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