Linn Lorkin - Kiwiana (RRCD1011)


Linn Lorkin's fifth solo album, is a marriage of pure kiwiana themes with varied, eclectic musical styles from around the world, a unique civil union in Kiwi pop music. From bossa nova to Cuban mambo, waltz, tango, country, '40s swing and '50s rock n' roll, this album showcases 12 Lorkin originals in a charming and accessible way. "Like most pop albums, it is a collection of love songs", she says, but adds,"they are love songs to my native land"
The word Kiwiana usually conjures up images of buzzy-bees, swandris and hokey-pokey, but Lorkin's Kiwiana will surely broaden and enrich this definition. Music critic William Dart has called her "one of New Zealand's cultural treasures". This exceptional album promises to be that as well.


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