The Jews Brothers Band - Too Much Talent (RRCD1010)

Too Much Talent

With this new album, The JBB stretch out way beyond their original klezmer job description. From Too Much Talent, written by Arif Usmani (Mordechai What a Guy), to the Brecht/Weill Alabama Song, to live versions of the now classic Go Down Moses and The Millenium Swng, this album is a never-let-up swinging affair from start to finish!"


Artist Profile

The Jews Brothers Band

This eclectic and eccentric five-piece from New Zealand always hits the stage in an explosion of energy and keeps up the pace throughout. It's exhilarating foot-stomping, hand-clapping repertoire, both original and traditional, features wild Eastern- European dance medleys, neo-40s New York swing, gypsy "hot club", schmaltzy waltzes and funky dance grooves.