Linn Lorkin - The Girl from Tokoroa (RRCD1006)

The Girl from Tokoroa

This is the off off off off off off-Broadway original cast recording of a mini musical comedy containing 16 songs reflecting the adventures of The Girl from Tokoroa. After growing up on a dairy farm in New Zealand's South Waikato, our heroine hits Europe with wide-eyed yourthful exuberance and comes up against: an idiotic French customs inspector, a group of flatmates intent on crashng every wild party in London, a set of grotesque nuns in a Naples prison, a ghost-like Scottish Highlander from a past life, and many young and dashing men in Europe intent on wanging her into their beds!

She manages to hold them at bay, however the stress almost makes her give up.But the thought of having to return to her family's Tokoroa dairy farm spurns her on and she ends up in New York where she meets her match, a slick New York magician. Together they pull a rabbit out of a hat. With her baby bunny in arms, she finally returns to New Zealand ... but will her magician follow her and will we have a happy ending?

Listen to this CD and find out.


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