French Toast - In a French Cafe (RRCD1001)

In a French Cafe

Here are 19 of the most loved French songs of all time sung and played from the heart and with the flair and panache that have made this duo, chanteuse Linn Lorkin, and accordéoniste Hershal, stand out wherever they've performed, be it the Grand Hotel on the Island of Jersey, the Brasserie Le Coze of Miami's Coconut Grove or Sophie's Café in Balmoral, Auckland, New Zealand, where this album was recorded.

These songs, on compact disc and tape, hum with the atmosphere and energy that only a live recording in an intimate café setting can capture.

The lovely old familiar songs unfold, one sparkling melody following another, songs like "Autumn Leaves", "My Man", "Under Paris Skies", "C'est Si Bon" ­ all in the original French. Also included is "Chanson d'Amour" and five songs made famous by the immortal Piaf, some with superb new English lyrics by Lorkin herself.

The simple but rich musette accordion accompaniment and Lorkin's passionate singing evoke an era when the java accordéoniste and street-style chanteuse reigned supreme in the smoky clubs and cafés of 1930s Paris.

This album provides the perfect ambience for restaurant, café, or dinner party. It will be appreciated by the enthusiast of French music and give lasting pleasure to romantics of all ages.


Artist Profile

French Toast

"More French than the French", the trio of French Toast features Linn Lorkin, chanteuse, Hershal Herscher accordéoniste and Pierre Scott, bassiste.