Anna Rugis - Traffic in Gold (RDR519)

Anna Rugis - Traffic in Gold
Traffic in Gold

Rugis’ new collection of songs entitled TRAFFIC IN GOLD may be described as contemporary port a’bial music. IE vocal music from the Hebridean Islands of Scotland. Intricate melodies, multi-tracked and with sophisticated harmonies, weave a tapestry across a drone or minimalist sonic pattern. The lyrics stand alone as poetry but when wed to such elegant melodies and sung with such delicate power they are truly mesmerizing.

TRAFFIC IN GOLD is unique – a fresh take on a traditional sound. This is music to listen to in the best sense of that word.


Artist Profile

Anna Rugis

New Zealand-born singer Anna Rugis has been singing since childhood. She gained a broad range of professional experience through her career as a session musician in New Zealand and Great Britain and has toured the U.S. with artists such as Cat Stevens, the Kinks, and Van Morrison.