1st Ladies of Jazz - Girl Talk (Limited Edition)

Girl Talk

A new CD of previously unreleased recordings in loving memory of beloved NZ singer Beaver  (28/12/50 - 23/05/10).
This four-part harmony group comprised of Beaver, Candy Alderton- Conway, Julie Mason and Linn Lorkin, all soloists in their own right, was formed in 1994 "for fun" and became a popular fixture in jazz clubs and festivals throughout NZ and throughout the 90s. The liner notes says it all :" The 23rd of May, 2010 was a sad day for us all. At 6.30 am, our dear friend and colleague, the wonderfully talented jazz singer, Beaver, died of cancer. She was 59. Beaver had a warm vibrant voice. She had great phrasing & could deliver a ballad with a total lack of pretension. She was a bright, lovely woman, very down-to- earth, & was loved by the whole musical community. As The First Ladies of Jazz, "the four chick-singers" as you'll hear Beaver call us on Track 11, we had tremendous fun, musically and socially, on stage and back-stage and we have called this CD GIRL TALK, remembering our favourite collective pastime, the harmony our harmonies brought us, & the love for our dear friend - JULIE, LINN & CANDY


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