Charanga Amadeus

ORQUESTA AMADEUS is in effect a mini Orquesta Tipica Cubana, also sometimes called a Cuban charanga band. The charanga style is the one within which the great Cuban rhythms and dances, the mambo and the cha cha cha evolved.

The roots stretch back to African tribal music and to the French and Spanish classical and folk traditions. Orquesta Amadeus strictly interprets the passionate melodies and rhythms of this music, much of which is improvised, so that it is always fresh, exciting and new while authentically expressing the 1940s and 50s Havana style.

Hershal Herscher, band leader and arranger, played piano with New York versions of charanga, notable "Orquesta Broadway" and "Charanga 76" during the 60s and 70s and is a recipient of the prestigious Tony Rodriguez Award (for services to Latin music in New York).


Hershal Herscher - piano

Miho Wada - flute

James Sneyd - violin

John Ellis - congas

Peter Scott - double bass